Plastic bags

Plastic bags or pouch is a type o fexible packaging produced with thin, elastic plastic film. Plastic bags are useful to contain and trasnport food, powders, waste, etc.

Plastic bags can be preformed, filled and sealed, or not sealed, later or can be formed at the filling and sealing operation. A pouch is usually a small or medium sized bag

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Plastic bags can be created with many different sources:

Most are heat sealed together. Some are bonded with adhesives or are stitched. A press-to-close zipper can be used to open and close the bag many times.


Bags or pouches are a type of packaging for containing frozen food, fresh produce, snack foods, hardware, gardening products, etc. They are usually produced with a single roll of film on a horizontal or vertical form fill sealing machine. Some bags have triangular inserts, as in the seam of a garment, for added strength or expansion to allow more volume of contents. Some have the ability to stand up on a shelf or a refrigerator. Some have easy-opening or reclosable options. Handles are cut into or added onto some. Plastic bags normally employ less material than comparable boxes, cartons, or jars, thus are often considered as "reduced or minimized packaging". Depending on the version, plastic bags can be well suited for plastic recycling. They can be incinerated in appropriate facilities and converted to energy. They are stable and benign in sanitary landfills. Bags are also made with carrying handles, hanging holes, tape attachments, security features, etc. Some bags are sealed and can only be opened by destroying the packaging, providing evidence of security.

Plastic shopping bags

Open bags with carrying handles are used in large numbers worldwide. Stores normally give them as a convenience to customers. Some places charge a small fee for a bag avoiding waste. There are multiple-use shopping bags which are considered environmentally better than normal plastic shopping bags. Whenever it is possible single-use bags should be recycled or reused as rubbish bags, storage bags, etc. Plastic bags are a good and clean way of handling and containing rubbish, and are widely used. Plastic bags are often used for lining waste containers or bins.